Prem Singh Basnyat, PhD

Dr. Basnyat is from Sripali Basnyat family , originated from Gorkha. His ancestors Kaji and Commander In Chief (C-In-C) Siva Ram Singh, C-In-C Kehar Singh, C-In-C Abhiman Singh, Kaji Nahar Singh, Kaji Dhaukal Singh ( the roiginal owner of the Narayanhiti Palace), Mul Kaji ( Prime Minister) Kirti Man Singh, Mul Kaji Bakhtabar Singh, Kaji Jahar Singh, Minister Kul Man Singh, Colonel Madan Man Singh Basnyat and many others sacrificed their lives for the good cause of nation, especially, their contribution in unification of Nepal, led by king Prithivi Narayan Shah- the Great, Prince Bahadur Shah and queen mother Rajendra Laxmi is remarkable, which finds in the Nepalese histories as well.

Dr Basnyat holds the degrees of MA Human Rights Law, MA History, MSc Global Security – Cranfield University, UK and PhD in Military History . Dr Basnyat authors books as: (a) Shahi Nepali Sena ra Pradhan Senapatiharu (b) Shahi Nepali Senako Bhawani Dal Gulma (c) New Paradigm in Global Security, Civil Military Relation in Nepal (d) Nepalese Forts and the Royal Nepalese army in Fort Battles (d) Nepalese Army in Khampa Disarming Mission (e) Nepalma Khampa Sarnarthiko Suruwat ra Khampa Bidroha (f) Nepalko Sainik Itihas Bhag -2 (co-author) and many articles as well.

He gets varied senior management experience over more than 28 years of regular service as: research and development officer, first founder/ curator of the only military museum- Nepal and director of academic research center as well. He holds several military line-positions, as adjutant officer, security and intelligence officer, training officer, DPKO planning officer- Nepalese Army , human resources development officer, company commander, battalion commander, deputy brigade commander , advisor to the national security council - Nepal . He has done DDR course at Tromsø University, Norway and United States of America too. Similarly, he also has done disaster management course, defense in democracy course, IHL course and curator course in the UK, IHL course in Italy, senior level leadership management course in UNITAR-Geneva , Rule of Law workshop in Hague, Netherland and other several professional trainings with army command and staff course as well.

He is also a UN Peacekeeper, worked in Lebanon, Croatia and Haiti. He visits India, Hong Kong, Tibet, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, United Sates of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherland, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Hungry, Bosnia, Serbia, Qatar, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, France and Israel.

Dr Basnyat is Executive member of National History Association Nepal, visiting fellow of the Tromso University Norway, British Chevning Scholar, Member of Geneva Center for Security Policy alumni Association, Member of World History Association, member of British Military Historical Society, Member of World Security Network, Executive Member of Chevning Alumni Association- Nepal, Member of International Council of Museum and many other social organizations. He has done several paper presentations at home and abroad as well. Some of them, internationally are:

a. "THE ROLE OF CIVIL SOCIETY IN COUNTERTERRORISM" in The World Justice Forum, Hague, Netherland - 10 July 2013.
b. "DECADE'S NON INTERNATIONAL ARMED CONFLICT IN NEPAL: REASON TO REHABILITATION"-institute of international humanitarian law, Sanremo, Italy- 29 may 2013 .
d. "FUTURE OF NEPALESE PEACE PROCESS" at the UNDP workshop, Kathmandu- 2011.
e. "VIABLE SUGGESTIONS FOR THE REINTEGRATION OF THE MAOIST'S COMBATANTS IN THE NEPALESE ARMY", centre for peace studies , Tromoso university , Norway- 2010 .
f. "THE HAITIAN DDR MODULE AND ITS OUTCOME ON THE GROUND", CPS , Tromoso university , Norway- 2009.

Dr. Basnyat is the first PhD and first British Chevening scholar from Nepalese Army, first Nepalese having MSc degree in Global Security from UK. He is serving Colonel of the Nepalese army as well.

Finally, this website is personal collection of Dr Basnyat and he personally is responsible for all the facts and figures, given in this website. He hopes to get suggestions from all the readers to correct the shortcoming of the given details in the website.